Peter Peter Rohr, Seminar Leader

Researcher of Karma and Reality Consciousness, Soul Right Activist





The theme of your seminar reads “Mastery of life-karma”. Can you please explain the term “life-karma”?  


Answer: The one-time event of fertilization of the female ovum accompanied by the conception or procreation is caused by a combination of the „prarabdha, samchita- and agami-karma“ of both parents. During the nine-month period of pregnancy the embryo (fetus) co creates out of the karma of his parents, his own individual karma and his unique souls plan his own „prarabdha, samchita- and agami-karma“.


Question: Is it really useful and appropriate to erase or dissolve one´s entire life karma?


Answer:  From the time of birth which marks the beginning of a self-acting and fully responsible human entity, our entire personality as well as our entire body intelligence are trying everything to process, transform, digest and resolve prarabdha-, and samchita-karma. Whenever our body intelligence is successful in working out our life karma our personality feels happy and fulfilled. Whenever our inner intelligences fail to process, transform and digest our daily portion of life karma, we suffer either psychologically, mentally, emotionally or physically.


Question: Suffering of any kind is due to unprocessed karma?


Answer: Unprocessed karma is the main cause of suffering. In addition: every single experience of life, meaning: every single event and every single action we perform that cannot be adequately digested and worked out by our system will be stored in our body intelligence as an affinity pattern (samskara). Since affinity patterns restage continuously unprocessed karma on the energetic, emotional, psychological or physical level, our conscious mind is constantly distracted from his real task: to confront the actual reality of the present moment. In this way affinity pattern involve constantly our entire energy-emotion-mind-body-system in processing and digesting our own unprocessed or foreign imposed prarabdha-, and samchita-karma.


Question: In other words: we cannot deal with our real and authentic spiritual goals as human beings as long as we spend our time in processing unprocessed experiences of the past?  


Answer: Yeah, we are in constant healing crises for our entire personality suffers from its lack and incompetence to completely extinguish unprocessed prarabdha-, and samchita-karma. The purpose of this seminar is to train our entire system to optimize its ability so that our body intelligence can face, digest, manage and work out the daily portion of life karma more efficiently and more successfully.


Question: Which requirements have to be fulfilled to participate at this seminar?  


Answer: In order to successfully identify and extinguish unprocessed karma each participant will learn, how employ the multidimensional mode of his soul and how to use the non-linear functioning of his body intelligence. The linear mode of our personality, which is mostly used by the mental and conscious faculties of our intellect, cannot resolve unprocessed karma.


Question: Can you explain what you mean by “multidimensional mode” of body intelligence?


Answer: By operating in the multidimensional mode of our body intelligence we can directly communicate with any aspect of our multidimensional body intelligence.  For example: in the multidimensional mode we can identify any specific aspect of our brain and thereby generate an orderly and harmonic influence in our reptile and mammalian brain, or such areas like the limbic system, the amygdale and the hippocampus. In other words, by utilizing the multidimensional mode of our body intelligence we can take full responsibility for the optimum functioning of our own brain. In the advanced stage we can free our conscious mind from the primitive reactions and encroachments of those areas of our own brain, which served us million years ago for survival but are not anymore necessary and appropriate in today’s world.


Question: By taking full responsibility of ones prarabdha-, and samchita-karma one can become the master of one’s destiny?


Answer: Each course participant will learn, how to scan every single year of his life, beginning with the moment of conception till the real time of the present moment. He will learn how to launch the retroversion of his entire accumulated and stored life karma. In this way his body intelligence will be simultaneously freed from the burden of accumulated karma and from the deformations on the emotional, mental, psychological levels caused by unprocessed family and environment karma. The dissolution of unprocessed karma will generate a rejuvenating and healing wave in the entire system causing reversal of biological aging. When the entire body is free from karma, the system will empower itself, to go online with the real-time of the present moment. 


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