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Expansion and Refinement of Inner and Outer Perceptions
Developing Positive Modes of Expression for Human Consciousness
 Creating an Energy Shield to Defend and Protect the Territorial Personal Sphere
Peter Peer Rohr 
Culture Critic, Activist for the Rights of the eternal Soul
Researcher into karmic Transmission Mechanisms 
of the Laws of Nature onto the Evolution of the Individual, 
the Society, the Economy, Politics, Society at Large,
and the different Cultures of Mankind
"Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture
will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”
Docent for authentic and self-referral communications processes
 with every aspect of the human body intelligence 
and all levels of our multidimensional reality.
 Teacher for accurate diagnosis and therapeutic measures
regarding karmic causes of individual problems 
and adharmic processes in the evolution of social and cultural life.
Release from conflicts, foreign intrusion, unauthorized use,
alien occupation, perceptual disorders, and all kinds of illnesses. 
Practical suggestions for starting the process of liberation
from foreign intrusion, relationship crises, and cognitive disturbances,
as well as spiritual stagnation and cultural decadence 
Peter is committed in teaching practical methods to increase reality awareness, 
liberating and empowering the individual by systematically cultivating
self-sufficiency, independency, integrity, nobility and authenticity. 
 Peter travels around the world to share his abundant
talents and gifts of accurate diagnoses, 
clairvoyance and auto-recognition of the karmic cause of inner conflicts,
karmic cause of diseases, spiritual stagnation and human suffering in general.
Peter resides in Heidelberg (Germany) and Austria (Gröbming) and offers regular seminars
aiming to free the individual from alienation, abuse, assaults, perception disorders 
and illnesses of any kind, caused and transmitted by Natural Law.
On his many travels, over the years (throughout the United States, Canada, Brasil, India, Thailand, the Philippines, and the Ukraine), Peter was able to study and absorb the knowledge and wisdom of many classic traditions of the sciences of this Earth (e.g., yoga, ayurveda, agama-tantra, karma, dharma, jyotish, schamanism, hara-zen, Heilengel, qigong, and energetic) in both theory and practice. He was trained by diverse teachers in a variety of approaches to meditation, therapy, and healing techniques.
The Buddha, threatened with loss of life by the mass murderer Angulimala,
was asked what was his final wish. 
The Buddha pointed to a tree and told the bandit, 
Sever a branch from this tree with your sword.“
After the robber had severed the tree limb 
from the tree with a single stroke, he asked, „Now what?“
Attach the branch again to the tree,“ said the Buddha. 
You must be insane,“ said the robber, 
if you think that anybody can do such a thing.“ 
On the contrary“ said the Buddha, 
it’s you who are insane because you consider yourself powerful
just because you can hurt and kill people.
Killing, hurting, and destroying are the actions of weaklings and cowards.
Truly powerful is he who can heal body and soul.“
-Angulimala became a disciple of the Buddha-
Based on his independent ritam researches, Peter was able to develop unique diagnostic and therapeutic scanning and communications procedures.
"If you want to know how your body really functions, 
how it really works, and what it really needs, 
why not simply ask your body?
Your body is the only one who can give you the right answers.”
As a result of his ritam researches regarding diverse phenomena in the inner and outer reality and his continuous work as docent and therapist, Peter acquired extended perceptual capabilities.
"If the doors of perception were cleansed,
 everything would appear to man as it is: infinite.”
-William Blake-
Peter’s „seeing“ is the simultaneous processing of holographic perception and a „full-spectrum ritam scan“ of all faculties of the human consciousness and the physical brain: that is, a clairvoyant perception, remote viewing, refined intuition, bioenergetic sensitivity, and objective logic.
"In the perception of error lies truth.
In the understanding of ignorance, intelligence is revealed.” 
-Jiddu Krishnamurti-
In his seminars, Peter teaches the „para-ritam processing“ which he has developed. It enables seminar participants to communicate directly with all aspects of the hardware and software of their body intelligence (the soul, consciousness, spirit, psyche, personality, intellect, emotions, will, body, body intelligence, the body’s energy fields, life energy, life span, domicile, and community).
"The highest form of communication is the inner dialog.”
-Don Juan Matus-
Seminar participants who have learned the interactive communications techniques are capable of conducting an objective inventory of the actual evolutionary status of their soul-energy-mind-emotions-body system.
"The unexamined life is not worth living.”
The “multidimensional para-processing technique“ enables individuals to update and upgrade, on a daily basis, the hardware and software of their body intelligence.
"It seems to me that a patient who relies on his doctor
acts more irresponsibly than one who cares for his own health.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche, Werke II, Morgenröte-
With the help of „multidimensional para-processing,“ the individual is able to purge from his or her energy-mind-body-system all foreign infringements, foreign energies, and alien controls (pragya aparadh structures, adharmic concepts, implants, viruses, trojans, claws, alien entities, and the undead). To the extent to which individuals learn to take on the responsibility for their complete soul-energy-spirit-body intelligence system, they will develop the capability to get rid of old karmic freight and adharmic structures, liberate their system from physical and mental illnesses, and restore the wholeness of their being.
"When all three aspects of our being - body, soul, and spirit - function harmoniously, 
perfect health and unperturbed happiness are the result.”
-Edward Bach-
In addition to any therapeutic benefits, Peters‘s goal in gaining personal knowledge is to empower others so that they can assume the responsibility for their own individual fate.
"Man has to relearn to take responsibility for his destiny (karma),
in order to realize that he himself is its creator.
Only by taking responsibility for his destiny (karma), 
will he win back the lost meaning of his life.“
-Thorwald Dethlefsen-
When the individual is able to undertake an objective inventory of the karma and dharma status of his or her energy-spirit-body-system and to cleanse the body intelligence of old karmic freight and adharmic goals, only then will the person once again gain full control over his or her individual life.
"If you fail to decide your own life,
you legitimize by implication that the whole world
 is allowed to decide for you, manipulate you, 
and use you in the service of alien interests.” 
-Joan Atkinson-
A solid aspect of Peter’s teaching and coaching is the installation of a so-called „dharma compass.“ With the help of this dharma compass, the individual becomes empowered not only to determine the degree of any adharmic deviations of his or her life from its evolutionary course but also to correct the course of this individual ship of life; steer it back on its proper dharmic evolutionary course; and, thereby, establish its harmonious functioning with universal law.
"No wind is favorable to a ship that doesn‘t know its own harbor.”
Peter dedicates the largest part of this life to fulfilling his dearest wish, which is to heal the souls and bodies of animals and protect them from human aggression.
At the same time, Peter seeks to educate people in optimizing their self-awareness and their awareness of the world around them in order to develop their inner and outer reality consciousness.
"Know thyself so that you may know God and the world.”
-Oracle of Delphi-
Peter considers the continuous cultivation of independence and self-reliance in one’s thinking, feeling, and willing (self-empowerment, self-determination, self-sufficiency, self-respect, self-awareness) a prerequisite for all spiritual development.
"Small is the number of people 
who can see with their own eyes
and feel with their own hearts.”
-Albert Einstein-
Peter is convinced that the outer world can regain its balance only when individuals become schooled in taking personal responsibility and work in self-sufficient ways toward the cultivation of their authentic self.
"The best investment in the future is the development 
of an authentic, honest, and noble personality.”
-Peter Peer Rohr
Among other diagnostic and therapeutic methods, Peter teaches in his seminars how the individual can learn to protect the private energy sphere of his or her psychoenergetic territory by creating an energy safety screen.
"Whoever carries this kavach (protection shield), he has no need
to fear kings or robbers, grahas (planets) or illness.”
-Srimad Bhagavatam, VI, 8-
To safe-guard the health of psyche, body, and soul, the individual must become capable of protecting his or her body intelligence from physical, electromagnetic, biochemical, energetic, and various other encroachments and threats (abuse, stalking, mobbing, libel, seduction, manipulation, baseness, exploitation, punishment, contamination, enmity, Voodoo, energy vampirism, hardware and software cannibalism, stow-away syndrome).
Peter offers comprehensive distance diagnosis and distance healing with respect to any imbalances experienced in the soul, the mental, emotional, and physical functioning; love and family relationships; and social and international situations.
"Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, 
and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” 
-Definition of Health by the WHO-
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